Stillage / Steel Heavy Duty Pallet Racking for Warehouse Organize

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Steel Pallet Warehouse Organize Stillage Heavy Duty,Easy Transport Saving Space


Stillage size: 920*750mm


Nestable when not in use


Stillage Storage and materials handling solution

Many products are difficult to handle, store and stack. These stackable stillages make it easy to transport and protect your products or goods in many situations.

Made of 34mm &42mm Heavy Duty Steel tube Pipes


   Stack up Stillages quickly and easily using a forklift.    Manufactured to hold a variety of products easily.
   Powder Coated Heavy Duty Steel Construction.    1000 Kgs capacity when stacked. 
   Easy to move using a pallet jack or forklift.    2000 Kgs capacity when used alone.
   All Steel Heavy Duty manufacture to be durable in all situations,    Nests for easy storage stacked or shipping when empty

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Weight 2.1 kg


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