Cleaning & Proving Mandrel

Cleaning & Proving Mandrel of 18mm

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A Mandrel is a Device that can be passed through a conduit to prove it is suitable for cable installation. The mandrel must be at least 80% of the internal diameter of the conduit section being proved.

Under the Fibre ready guidelines the Developer is required to undertake the testing of each installed conduit.


Mandrels are mandatory for all new developments under the Fibre ready guidelines. NBM / ISGM cannot accept any new development on behalf of Telstra without proof that each section of conduit has been successfully proven with a mandrel.

Why is this required?

Mandrels are required in  Fibre ready pit and pipe specifications for Real Estate Development Projects.

What is required?

Prior to any handover of ownership of Conduit every Conduit must be proved by passing a mandrel of a diameter no less than 80% of the Conduit internal diameter through its entire length.

Where the mandrel does not pass easily, corrective action must be undertaken, and the mandrel test redone. 

Nominal Conduit Size           Actual Internal Diameter        Minimum Mandrel Diameter

P100                                            104.9mm                                 84.0mm

P50                                                53mm                                     42.0mm

P23                                                23mm                                     18.0mm


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